Download Latest Stable Version 4.12- see details of this update in change log

To download the latest version of Magic Submitter, click this link


Change Log

Version 4.12

1. Slow load fixed

Version 4.11

1. Engine Improvements

1. Registration issues solved

Version 4.10

1. Engine Improvements

Version 4.09

Version 4.08

1. Improvements to captcha solving

Version 4.07

1. Improvements to captcha solving

Version 4.06

1. Designer and browser mode issue solved

Version 4.05

1. Some projects opening issue solved

Version 4.04

1. captcha solving success rate improved

Version 4.02

1. DethbyCaptcha is able to solve Google Recaptcha with images now

Version 4.01

1. Turbo Wizard was closing in case of any error happened issue fixed

2. See major cahnges in v 4.0 belllow

Version 4.00

Huge Magic Submitter Update

1. Absolutelly new look and Starter mode to get start easy with Magic Submitter

2. New Turbo Wizard Feature - you may start your campaign in 2 minutes now!

3. New Initial Setup Wizard Feature - to set fast initial Magic Submitter Settings

4. New Campaigns Tab where you may easy way create accounts and publish content it replaces old Main tab functionality

I have left Main Tab in Expert mode still please let me know if it is needed or no. Mail me to please

5. 2captcha service can be used alone to solve all kinds of captchas now

6. MS uses own domains to create email accounts instead of

7. Plus many performance improvemnts

Watch here top 3 vidoes about all changes I made in Magic Submitter 4.0

If you wish to use MS as before just select Expert Mode in Initial Wizzard and MS will look absolutelly the same as before

Version 3.88

1. Some minor bugs fixed

Version 3.86

1. Major issue in browser mode fixed

Version 3.85

1. Change: Google image recaptcha solving for socked mode improved

It is strongly recommended to use 2captcha service to solve Google image recaptcha as it is much faster and cheaper then deathbtcaptcha

Click here to signup to

Version 3.84

Fixed error for some PCs Error:Licenced Invalid. System clock has been tampered

Version 3.83

Crytical browser mode update

Version 3.82

1. Change: Google image recaptcha solving for socked mode improved

I recommend to use 2captcha service to solve google image recaptcha

Version 3.81

1. Improved: Options window size fixed

Version 3.80

1. Improved: Google recaptcha solving

2. Improved: ProxyHarvester

3. Added: New menu - unselect all submitted on main MS screen

Version 3.79

1. Added: new cheap captcha solving service 0.99 USD per 1000 captchas only


Version 3.78

1. Fixed: new google captcha solving

Version 3.77

1. Fixed: minor submitting issues and captcha solving

Version 3.76

1. Fixed: randomize anchor text in campaign wizard

Version 3.75

1. Fixed: deathbycaptcha issue

Version 3.74

1. Added: deathbycaptcha is able to solve new google recaptcha with images and text questions

2. Fixed: captchatronix integration


Version 3.73

1. Fixed: some minor issues fixed

Version 3.72

1. Fixed: some minor issues fixed

Version 3.71

1.Fixed: links and buttons on options screen

Version 3.70

1.Added: two new captcha options

1. 2Captcha - to solve new google recaptcha with images and text questions. 2Captcha service only is able to solve such captchas

You will see join to 2captcha link on options screen

you need to register on 2Captcha site. Link to join is on Options Screen of Magic Submitter and set it API key in Magic Submitter submittter

2. Captcha Tronix captcha service with solves 1900+ captchas and text google recaptcha (not with images and text questions as 2CVaptcha does).

It price is $15.97 per month it will help you to solve 40-50% of captcha paying just $15.97 per month.

So MS first will send captcha image to Captcha Tronix. It will try to solve it and if not solved it will send to other captcha solving service you selected like deathbycaptcha or de-captcher


Version 3.69

1.Changed: download pre-created accounts to new service

2.Added: new mail service

Version 3.68

1.Changed: more improved function of getting recaptcha image

Version 3.67

1.Changed: fucntion of getting recaptcha image improved

Version 3.66

1.Changed: Create account option from to

Version 3.65

1.Fixed: download pre-created acocunts- it downloads accounts now

Version 3.64

1.Improved: less of fields need to be filled out in Campaign wizard. Some fields renamed to give them more clear names

Version 3.63

1.Added: added new indexing service called Instantlinkindexer.

It shows phenomenal indexing rate - more than 80% links indexed in 5 minutes! You may join it here

2.Fixed: keywords harvester


Version 3.62

1.Fixed: captcha settings

Version 3.61

1.Added: Contextual Links support added in Campaign Wizard. You may use contextual links in campaign wizard same way as when you feel item to submit manually


please watch this video (starting from 24 minutes 30 seconds)


Version 3.60

1.Fixed: Keywords harvester as google require to use google adwords account now

Version 3.59

1.Fixed: Page Rank Checker

2.Added: Links to new campaign and scheduler video tutorieals

Version 3.58

1.Fixed: Link Manger Issue

Version 3.57

1.Added: Campaign filter in link manager

2.Fixed: scheduler stucks some time on account creation tasks - it is very important update

Version 3.56

1. Fixed: MS did not display random links list selected in item to submit

Version 3.55

1. Very important update I made the same for emails as I did for in previous update

Version 3.54

1. Very important update as do not apply rules for newly created accounts, emails are not moved from Junk to Inbox automatically and many accounts can be not confirmed.
I fixed this issue the way that MS logins and moves all emails from Junk to Inbox folder before every check email run.

Version 3.53

1. Fixed: MS shows profile tutorial video always when you click open profile button

Version 3.52

1. Fixed: MS forgot password sometime

2. Integration with MAR 2.01

Version 3.51

1. Security Update. Password is required to register MS now. Please follow instruction on registration screen to get your password.

It is recommended to change password everytime when you fire your team member or virtual assistants to block them from using MS

Please update ASAP as previous version will stop to work in one week

2. Integartion with new Magic Article Rewriter 2.0. In case you own Magic Article Rewriter license. Please download, install and register Magic Article Rewriter 2.0 before install Magic Submitter 3.48


3. Integration with indexification indexing service - much more links processed per month then in


4. Project filter added to link manager

Version 3.47

1. Fixed: issue with [randimg] tag

Version 3.46

1. Fixed: do not solve captchas sometime

Version 3.45

1. Added: captcha solving service

2 Added: Ability to upload pre-made pdf file . To do that in PDF Body field type the folliwing text #file#C:\myfolder\Mypdf.pdf. Where C:\myfolder\Mypdf.pdf is path to your pdf file

3. Fixed: [randimg] as released new search logic


Version 3.44

1. Fixed: check links did not finish some time

Version 3.43

1. Added: 15 new campaign templates - It names start with 2013 Campaign #

Version 3.42

1. Change: Remove dead link timeout increased - to have better checking accuracy

2. Added: MS will show message when you draw your campaign and such link type not allowed . Like if you link Profile Links and RSS. MS will show error message as Profile Links do not produce any RSS FEED

Version 3.41

1.Fixed: spread value was not visible. check also version 3.40 changes

Version 3.40

1.Added: Remove dead links function for campaign. Before start second/third/etc layer links building MS will check if parent layer links are live and will remove all died links.

Check This video about how Remove dead links function for campaign works and why it so important to use it

Version 3.39

1. wrong license status:invalid length for Base-64 char issue fixed

Version 3.38

1.Setting more than 100 thread was not saving

Version 3.37

1.Max Threads Count changed to 100 - tested on PC with Core I7 CPU 4Gb Memory, works very well and stable, got speed 400 sites/registered per minute for PLIGG sites

2.Keywords harvester fixed

Version 3.36

1.Performance and stability improved

Version 3.35

1.Fixed: Link Manager icon in right top MS corner and contextual links preview

Version 3.34

1.Fixed: Itemt to Submit Preview issue

Version 3.33

1.Changed: Random Links List - you may create a few random links lists per project and attach one particular list to particular Item to Submit. All your old random links settings are converted to new format automatically

2. "Unselect All with no categories set" option added to undselect menu

3. Database or Magic Submitter Update confirmation Messages Automatically closed after 2 min of delay

4. "Do not check if internet connection is working" function added on options screen Expert Settings Tab

Version 3.32

1.Added: Reset Campaign button on campaign designer screen. If you see that something bad happened during campaign run like low success rate, or you like to re-run all failed account creation and submitting of campaign click that button and MS will do that

2.Added: MS automatically checks if there are enought credits on your captcha solving account and if there are less than 100 will pause campaign. You may disable that function on Options screen captcha tab

3.Added: MS automatically checks if there is active internet conenction on your PC before run scheduled task. If MS is not able to connect to internet it will pause scheduler for 5 minutes then retry.

4.Added: Ability to create new service type when you use Copy Platform function on Manage Platform screen

5.Changed: Proxy harvester will get more proxies now

6.Changed: Export Task to Excel function improved you may select a few task to export now

7 Fixed: Proxy Checker on Options screen

Version 3.31

1.Change: PDF Documents sharing module - instead of providing pre-created pdf file you need to paste plain text articlle (spin format supported) with html formated links like for Blogs Module and MS will create pdf file on fly and submit it.

Warning if you have used PDF module for some of your campaign in progress you need to edit each PDF item to submit and paste spun artucle with links instead of path to pdf file

2. Fixed: some minor bugs

Version 3.30

1.Change: scheduler performance improved

2.Added: seelct/Unselect buttons added on main screen and Edit Item to submit screen to select sites (by PR,Platforms etc)

Version 3.29

1.Added: support of indexing service.

2.Fixed: minor bugs

Version 3.28

1.Fixed: minor bugs

Version 3.27

1.Internet Exploreк webbrowser replaced by Firefox -it made MS more stable

(please note that Firefox browser windows will be not visible. I|if you like to see them for testing purpose enable it on Options->Expert Settings. Do not forget to disable it when real campaigns are running)

2. Many internal performance improvements(harvester,scaner,designer,indexer,scheduler)

Version 3.19

1. Added: Inegration with Links Indexing service

2. Fixed: PR Checking it shows 0 and N/A ranks also

3. Added: "Do not retry to create account/submit when it failed first time" in Options/Expert Settings - it saves captchas but success rate can be lower

Check This video about how Indexing works and why it so important to use it

Version 3.18

1. Added: Company Name Field in the profile is used to create blogs title now

2. Added: Clear categories button on Add item To Submit screen - it allows you to clear categories in case you set wrong one

3. Change: categories selection for niche improved

Version 3.17

1. Fixed: captcha solving problem

Version 3.16

1. Fixed: categories was not selected in campaign wizard

if you update from 3.9 version please read WARNING I wrote for 3.10 release

Version 3.14

1. Fixed issue with campaign wizard

Version 3.12

1. Hotmail email account replaced by as is closed by Microsoft - all old hotmail account will work still

2. Improved memory utilization. MS uses much 2 times less memory now

3. Categories Selection performance improved

4.100 Max threads for x64bit system removed as it cause unstability of Magic Submitter and memory leaks

WARNING: First load of 3.12 version will take longer as usual and you need to restart MS when it loaded.

Version 3.11

1.Fixed some memory issues

2.Restart in low memory option improved

if you update from 3.9 version please read WARNING I wrote for 3.10 release

Version 3.10 - Christmas Update

  1. WARNING: Before you update please follow this instruction as there are issues on some PC configuration noticed
    1. Start Magic Submitter 3.9
    2. Goto System Tab click backup button
    3. Save Backup file to your Desktop
    4. Install new Magic Submitter 3.10
    5. In case if it will opened with empty database please go to System Tab click Restore button and choose file you saved on your desktop
    6. If you still will have any problems please downgrade to previous version click this link and send me email to

  3. Changed: Improved harvester you may select a few platforms now. It allows to harvest sitest for many platforms together
  4. Changed: Random spun login generator in profile- it generates logins that much better
  5. Changed: Iproved work on Windows 64bit. MS utilizes whole the power of 64bit systems that allow to use much more memory per application.
    As result MS allows to use upto 100 threads instead of 25 for socket mode. It may dramatically impove the speed of account creating and submitting
  6. Added: New MS design. You may change how MS looks using Style button on right top MS window corner.
  7. Changed: MS is based on Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 now.
    It allow to utilize betterpower of multy code systems.
    MS will ask you to download framework during installation if you do not have it installed. here is additionanally link for it Download .Net Framework 4.0

Version 3.09

  1. Added: New Platform Support

Check This video

Version 3.08

  1. Added: Check Contextual keywords button on Edit Contextual links window. Check to make sure all your contextual keywords appear in the article by using the check contextual keywords button
  2. Added:Detach submit items. In the case you are using multiple nodes, for example: bookmarking service 1 and bookmarking service 2 and both of them have same submit item attached, it is now possible to put different information in each one. This is done by right clicking the node and selecting detach.
  3. Fixed: Email Checking tasks execution . If it failed MS will postpone it for 20 min then try again
  4. Fixed: [genanchor] variable worked not correcly sometime in campaign mode

Version 3.07

  1. Fixed: The bug causing MS crash

Version 3.06

  1. Fixed: The bug causing MS crash

Version 3.05

  1. Added: Contextual links editor
  2. Fixed: Minor bugs
  3. Improved: restart after crash

Version 3.04

  1. Added: Citation support. YOu will see new Citation service type there will be 55 sites submit to. Will add more soon

Version 3.03

  1. Added: Integration with Ultra Spinnable Articles
  2. Added: New Reports

Here is video about new features

Version 3.02

  1. Fixed: submit item status was cleaned sometime in browser mode

Version 3.01

  1. Added: progress bar for Campaign Wizard as MS was freezing on low performing PCs

Version 3.0

  1. Added: New very simple Campaign Wizard
  2. Added: Very simple way to set categiories
  3. Added: New Email Checker sheduled task type
  4. Fixed: A few reported bugs

Here is video about new features

Version 2.81

Change: First, Last Name generator improved to generate more unique names

Version 2.80

Minor Bugs fixed and improvements made

Version 2.79

Fixed: [randimg] issue with spun keywords

Version 2.78

Fixed: Some minor issues

Version 2.77

  1. General Improvements
    1. Profile name field
    2. Submit Item Text Export/Import
    3. Ability to open campaign from scheduled task list
    4. Ability to open submit item from scheduled task form
    5. Recovery MS after crash
    6. Link shortening, change to spin syntax
    7. Many performance improvements
  2. Panda changes
    1. Random images
    2. Random Videos
    3. Generic Anchor
    4. Random Links
    5. Randomize anchor
    6. Contextual links in campaign
    7. Content Editor

Here is video about new features

Version 2.76

  1. Added: Web 2.0 Profiles service type

    Web 2.0 Profile are high PR sites where we can create public profile with link and anchor text. You may create just one profile page on one particular web 2.0 profile site.

here is web 2.0 profile example

Version 2.75

  1. Fixed: possible crash issue

Version 2.74

  1. Added: New Article Platforms support [ARTICLE BEACH], [YAD], [ARTICLE CASTLE]
  2. Change: Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.73

  1. Added: Wordpress blogs commenting module
  2. Fixed: scheduler was not finished tasks in some cases

Version 2.67


Version 2.72

1. Fixed: Keyword harvester

2. Scheduled task status will show on mouse hover campaign name, project name, task type, task service type

Version 2.71

  1. Change: Profile login and site name now are automatiacally spun when you create profile. It is to to leave less footprints - it will be like this {carkw{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}e{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}be|mar{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}jb{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}za|adaiq{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}ifna|jarcwu{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}vi|greexe{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}au|joe{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}t{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}{0|1|2|3|4|4|5|6|7|8|9}pi}
  2. It will make sure that each account will be created with own unique login or user name

  3. Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.70

  1. Added: Platform Functionality
  2. Here is video about new features

  3. Change: Platform parent sites are not shown on sites list. you will see them on Designer Tab only
  4. Change: You are able to edit commands for any child service and your changes will be applied to parent service
  5. Change: Expression Engine service type renamed to Profile Links

Version 2.69 - it is critical update

Change: License server issue solved

Version 2.68 -

  1. Added: Help button on add/edit submit item screen. Click it and you will see detailed description for each submit item and it fields
  2. Change: Submit item contextualy links changed.You may add a few urls and keywords separated by pipe symbols like dog training|my dogtraining|the best dog training
  3. Change: Create all accounts for service types choosen creates accounts for sites without green checkmarsk only.

Version 2.67

  1. Fixed: Categories saving improved - some time categories was cleared

Version 2.66

  1. Fixed: MS is not starting at all when first run on new PC

Version 2.64

Version 2.65

  1. Change: Alternative/backup license server support added

Version 2.64

  1. Fixed: Critical scheduler bug fixed. Some time it stack on task execution

Version 2.63

  1. Change: Scheduler performance improvements

Version 2.62

  1. Change: Critical update because of hotmail changes

Version 2.61

  1. Added: Contextual links in submit item
  2. Changed: SiteName param added to export/import login data
  3. Added: Expert settings on options screen. You may set maximum scheduled task complete timeout. It is 5 min now instead of 20 min. 20 min is for video tasks only

Version 2.60

  1. Added: Wiki sites support. After updating to 2.60 and updating database you will find new service type wIKI.There two fields in wiki submit item title and body, links should be in body in HTML format <a href="">anchor</a>

Version 2.58

  1. Change: Captcha Sniper integration impoved it works in manual captcha mode
  2. Read more on Captcha Sniper site
    Click here to signup with special 20% discount for Magic Submitter users only

    Magic Submitter will send captcha to Captcha Sniper first then if Captcha Sniper not able to solve captcha will pass it to deathbycaptcha or other service you are using.
    Captcha Sniper will solve Article MS, Wordpress Blogs, SMF, and standart Pligg captchas for you


Version 2.57

  1. Change:post activation commands improvement
  2. Added: delay for automaic read emails option on options screen Email tab
  3. Added: checkbox "Submit each submit item to one service" for Create Scheduled Tasks for Submit Iterms choosen. So you may submit onet submit item to one service now
  4. Added: Captcha Sniper integration on Options screen Captcha tab.Captcha Sniper solves some popular captcha types faster and without having to pay per captcha.
    Read more on Captcha Sniper site

  5. Click here to signup with special 20% discount for Magic Submitter users only

    Magic Submitter will send captcha to Captcha Sniper first then if Captcha Sniper not able to solve captcha will pass it to deathbycaptcha or other service you are using.
    Captcha Sniper will solve Article MS, Wordpress Blogs, SMF, and standart Pligg captchas for you

    Here is video about new features

Version 2.56

  1. Fixed: cheduler do not show tasks sometime
  2. check 2.55 changes list and video

Version 2.55

  1. Changed: trial customers can download 5 pre-created hotmail accounts
  2. Changed: Improved overal scheduler performance
  3. Changed: export/improt profiles function now it exports/imports account status checkmarks and login data
  4. Added: Export/Import Logon data functions
  5. Here is video about new features and how to use MS to submit to your own wordpress blogs network and other services networks

Version 2.54

  1. Changed: deathbycaptcha API - critical update as deathbycaptcha server address changed
  2. Added: Magic Article Rewritter Integration.If you have Magic Article Rewriter license you will see small button (...) near each submit item field
  3. You can purchase Magic Article Rewritter here.

    if MAR is installed not into default folder choose folder where it is installed in MS options screen

  4. Added: pre-acreated campaign templates
  5. Changed: minor internal improvements
  6. Changed: updated ping services list

Version 2.53

  1. Added: Download pre-created HOTMAIL acocunts option. Please watch the video

Version 2.52

  1. Added: Dramatically changed database update process. MS will automatically update database during MS startup without your your attention needed and also MS will check for new database update automatically once per day and do update in silent mode if needed
  2. Added: Automatic Backup feature. MS will automatically make backup before each update and additionaly one backup per day. You will find Backup Folder button on system tab which will show you all backups made
  3. Added:Set Active Status function on Main screen pop-up menu

Version 2.51

  1. Change: Copy Scheduled Tasks To All Profile Within Project works much faster and you can select to copy as many task as you wish
  2. Change: Default time for newly created tasks is set to 0:01 am
  3. Change: huge stability and performance improvement
  4. Change: Hotmail account creating changed to socket mode ( db v 87)
  5. Added: Unselect chosen services function on Main screen
  6. Added: Ability on options screen to disable auto pinger
  7. Added: MS shows anchor and url from campaign settings on Submit Item Preview window

Version 2.50

  1. Change: stability improved

Version 2.49

  1. Fixed: bug in Save Campaign As functions

Version 2.48

  1. Added: Save Campaign As button on Edit Campaign Screen
  2. Fixed: MS crash on startup sometime
  3. Fixed: minor bugs are fixed

Version 2.47

  1. Fixed: Scheduler second level start submitting issue

Version 2.46

  1. Added: Create Scheduled Tasks for submit items choosen
  2. Fixed: date time format in scheduler
  3. Changes: Minor internal changes and fixes

Version 2.45

  1. Added: private proxy support
  2. Changed: deathbycaptcha new API integrated
  3. Fixed: MS freezes sometime on low performing PCs with huge quantity of tasks
  4. Fixed: internal sheduler issue

Version 2.44

  1. Changed: MS remembers servicetypes choosen on Create All Accounts window
  2. Changed: MS remembers servicetypes choosen on Submit Items for ServiceTypes choosen window

Version 2.43

  1. Changed: Create Submit Items for ServiceTypes choosen improved
  2. Changed: minor designer improvements

Version 2.42

  1. Fixed: Registration Issue Fixed

Version 2.41

  1. Added: Page Rank Column for services
  2. Added: Check Page Rank button on utilities tab
  3. Added: Check Page Rank option on popup menu on Main MS window
  4. Added: Socket Column for services on Campaign designer and scheduler windows

Version 2.40

  1. Added: Reporting ability to MS - check Reporting Tab. There is one report.I will add more soon.If you have idea about reports prepare report template /example in excel and send to me
  2. Added: Clear services that are in error state button on Scheduler Tasks screen. It will allow you to try to recreate/resubmit to services that are in error state
  3. Added: Submited to N Site column in Manage Submit Items window
  4. Added: MS automatically checks if link is live before add it to link mamanger
  5. Changed: Manual captcha entering usability improved

Version 2.36

  1. Fixed: Submit Items list selects default project all the time

Version 2.35

  1. Fixed: MS registration issue when some antiviruses are enabled

Version 2.34

  1. Fixed: some had registration issues
  2. Added: Create Submit Items for ServiceTypes choosen on submit items list window. It allows you to create submit items for all service types on one screen
  3. Added: Copy selected Submit Item to other service types on submit items list window.It allows you to create submit items for all service types based on existing submit item

Version 2.33

  1. Added: new button to create all accounts in service types chosen

Version 2.32

  1. Added: new blog sites
  2. Changed: designer screen - Operations toolbox is now part of designer window
  3. Changed: statistic for scheduled task running at the bottom of main window


Version 2.31

  1. Fixed: Categories does not exist message appear on MS start. Thouse of you who see that issue please after install update Right mouse click on MS shortcut and choose Run as Administrator it will allow you to see submit progress data for socket mode

Version 2.30

  1. Changed: all bookmarking sites work in socket mode now
  2. Added: Pligg socket based service type
  3. Added: 800+ PLIGG bookmarking sites
  4. Added: Simple Machine Forum socket based script
  5. Added: 300+ Simple Machine Forum sites
  6. Added: Statistic for socket submittion in manual mode: how many sites left, speed of submition, time elapsed
  7. Changed: login generator to create more unique login name

Version 2.29

  1. Fixed: myltrilevel campaign scheduled tasks execution issue.

Version 2.28

  1. Changed: added functions to extent ELGG blogs list

Version 2.27

  1. Fixed: creating accounts for some sites stop to work in 2.25 version

Version 2.26

  1. Changed: Expression Enfine forum sites converted to socket mode. IMPORTANT: Please after update select [EXPRESSION ENGINE] service name , then go to designer tab click Edit button then click Save Button
  2. Added: Check captcha solving services balance button added on Options screen
  3. Added: shortcut buttons for link manager and pinger on the top of Main window

Version 2.25

  1. Changed: Video sites converted to socket mode

Version 2.24

  1. Added: Ability to export status tables in campaign
  2. Added: Ability to export status table in scheduled task status
  3. Added: Ability to see links for all profiles in link manager
  4. Added: Statistic data when you right mouse click on main window grid.
  5. Changed: Article directories converted to socket mode

Version 2.23

Fixed: Profiles randomization for bookmarking and RSS sites

Version 2.22

Change: Changed blog module to socket mode.Now 21 blog sites work in socket mode

Version 2.21

Fixed: issue with bypassbycaptcha using

Version 2.20

Dear valued customer,

I have just updated Magic Submitter to version 2.20

The most important change there is that
I have added socket submitting support to MS.

The socket submitting method works absolutely
without Internet Explorer directly communicating with target site.

1. That’s means that there will be much better submit success rate
for sites I have transferred already to socket mode,
2. No potential infection from web sites at all,
3. Account creating and submit speed increased up to 10 times

So far I have managed to transfer
30 bookmarking sites
mostly all RSS
all Wordpress Blogs
ELGG Blogs
Next weeks I will transfer rest of sites to socket mode

New MS  should ask you to update database to version 57, please do it.

After updating restart MS and you will see that I have added to main services list on main MS window that there are small icons shown for sites that are transferred to socket mode.

IMPORTANT If for some child sites in WP or ELGG service type you will not see the icons i have mentioned. Please go to designer tab select [ELGG] or

WORDPRESS BLOGS,WORDPRESS BLOGS V2 WORDPRESS BLOGS V3 parent services click edit button and hit save


Please leave your feedback and improvements suggestions on this topic of the forum


Version 2.15

  1. Fixed: Campaign not creates tasks when campaign is created using template

Version 2.14

  1. Added: Test proxy button on options screen
  2. Changed: internal accuracy improvements

Version 2.13

  1. Fixed: MS is not closing popup windows it could cause freez of MS some time

Version 2.12

  1. Added: Import submit items from CSV file. First row should be field names. To see this function click managesubmit items button
  2. Changed: internal accuracy improvements
  3. Changed: Pause Scheduler button style


Version 2.11

  1. Fixed Critical: Scheduler works incorectly when services are deleted or moved to another service type

Version 2.10

  1. Changed: improved accuracy of wordpress blogs activation

Version 2.09

  1. Fixed: issue with update process

Version 2.08

  1. Fixed: MS becomes unresposible when activates accounts on background

Version 2.07

  1. Fixed: Pinger window is not oppening

Version 2.06

  1. Added: Campaign feature - more info you can find here . soon we will update user guide and acreate edu videos. You can Ask your questions regarding new features on our forum
  2. Added: autopinger - MS ping all new links on the background - yopu not need manually ping links at all
  3. Added: auto emails confirmation - MS automatically confirms new created accounts with 20 min od delay
  4. Added: MS automatically deletes confirmed emails also there is ability to disable it on options screen
  5. Added: Clear Dependencies between tasks and campaign on campaign screen -you can use this option if you like run the same campaign a few times or just resubmit submitted content again. or if you deleted scheduled tasks related to campaign but like to see that tasks again
  6. Added: link pinged mark in link manager
  7. Changed: rearanged options form it has 4 tabs now - General Settings,Captcha,Proxy, Email
  8. Added: Attach existing submit item to node
  9. Added: Quick swith between profiles on the bottom of Main window
  10. Added: Profile filter on link Manager
  11. Added: popup menu to select many tasks on scheduled task list window
  12. Added: popup menu to select many services on scheduled task window
  13. Changed:Scheduler works without Internet Explorer now. Success rate and spped should be better now.
  14. Added: ability to choose random quantity of services on mine window and on campaign screen.
  15. Added: Pause scheduler, reset scheduler and run scheduled task button on scheduler screen.

Version 1.44

  1. Added: Reset Internet Explorer settings at MS starup
  2. Added: Auto Restart MS on crash
  3. Changed: Scheduler stability and perfomance improvements
  4. Change:improved popup windows and dialogs handling
  5. Fixed: some possible crashes

Version 1.43

  1. Change:Kill Internet Explorer windows checkbox on Options screen. Kill MS not kills now Internet Explorer windows by default. But is good to have that function enabled if you run sheduled task.
  2. Fixed: Submit Status issue
  3. Fixed: Screenshot capturing issue
  4. Fixed: some possible crashes

Version 1.42

  1. Fixed: captcha window was not opening

Version 1.41

  1. Change: scheduler performance and stability improved
  2. Change: general submitting speed improved
  3. Change: optimized CPU utilization
  4. Change: Allowed to use 16 browser windows max. Use this option if you have high performing PC like
  5. Change:improved popup windows and dialogs handling
  6. Add: Auto-restart MS when low memory detected- there is option to enable it on Options screen

Version 1.40

  1. Fixed: Submit window is some time empty when you submit bookmarks or RSS
  2. Change: error reporting improvements

Version 1.39

  1. Add: links to Rss function on link manager form
  2. Add: combine Rss function on link manager form
  3. Add: Select of country when use fill random profile function
  4. Add: Autocreating hotmail,gmail,aol accounts after creating new profile
  5. Add: Rich error reporting MS shows real error mesages (which are show on site page) in most cases instead of technical info
  6. Fixed: Video files are not automatically choosen

MS 1.38 will ask to update database to v 34



Version 1.38

  1. Fixed: Non UI Error message sometime apper
  2. Fixed: Video files are not automatically choosen

Version 1.37

  1. Add: Ability to select random profiles during submitting
  2. Add: Ability to submit many bookmarks and RSS using one submit item
  3. Add:MS will restart after crash and continue submitting or account creating
  4. Add: Pupulate selected categories to all profiles within selected project
  5. Change: Extended PING services list
  6. Add: Fast domain indexing feature on pinger window
  7. Add: new very fast captcha solving service
  8. Add: support of Ultra Spinnable Articles
  9. Add: Import /export profiles - two buttons on Select Profile window
  10. Change: Link Manager, Submit Items and Scheduler windows are not modal now.
  11. Add: Account created checkmarks on scheduled task screen

Version 1.36

  1. Change: performance and CPU utilization improvements
  2. Fixed: MS sometime not shows accout creating checkmarks
  3. Change: changed update routines due to my hoting changes.

Version 1.35

  1. Fixed:update issue in previous version

Version 1.34

  1. Added: support of many new bookmarking sites. Please update Magic Submitter then it will ask to update database

Version 1.33

  1. Fixed: red cross on main window when you run MS more then 24h in scheduler mode
  2. Change: some code refactoring to improve stability
  3. Change: Added ability to set many activation emails per service like|

Version 1.32

  1. Fixed: when you open scheduler status window all sites disappear on main window

Version 1.31

  1. Added: check scheculed task progress button on scheduler screen
  2. Change: deathbycaptcha API updated to latest version
  3. Change: some code and speed imporovements
  4. Change: improved error reporting
Version 1.30
  1. Added: Set Categories, Load Categories and Save Categories buttons on Scheduled task form
  2. Added: Repeat task n times option on Scheduled task form - so you can set task with Item
    that has all spun fileds and let MS to submit it a few times to the same service.
  3. Changed: when you use "Copy Selected task to all profiles within project" function MS also copies categories settings to each of new scheduled tasks.
    As all item field are spun MS will submit diferent item to each of the service every time. It is very good to use to submit to bookmarking services.
  4. Fixed: error state screenshot is just blackbox when use MS in scheduler mode.

Version 1.29

  1. Added: Profile name field into scheduled tasks list
  2. Added: copy/paste scheduled task
  3. Added: ability to create the same scheduled task for all profiles within project
  4. Added: reset scheduler button to restart shetuler if it halt
  5. Added: select categories of sheduled task window
  6. Added: bulk add services
  7. Added: copy/paste submit items
  8. Fixed: browser window is shown some time during scheduled run
  9. Fixed: error messagebox automatic closing
  10. Fixed: scheduler halt sometime
  11. Fixed: manual captcha solving form not shown if large font size set in Windows
  12. Fixed: not all buttons visible on designer for if large font size set in Windows

Version 1.28- Major changes - Ask your questions regarding sheduler on our forum

  1. Added: Magic Submitter Scheduler

  2. Added: run MS on windows startup

  3. Added: Minimize MS to windows tray

Ask your questions regarding sheduler on our forum





  1. Fixed: Database update issue- the database was not updating at all for new customers
  2. Changed: made faster load of services list if you have huge ammoun of sites. now everything is loqaded very fast

Version 1.26- Please update as update is CRITICAL

  1. Added: Description field for bookmarking sites.
  2. Fixed: some internal errors

Version 1.25- Please update as update is CRITICAL

  1. Added: Projects entity. You are able to organize your profile and submit items for different niches, customers etc. Each profile and submit item belong to particular Project

  2. Changed: Automatic changing of internet explorer setting that will help to improve video submittion success rate

Version 1.24- Please update as update is CRITICAL

  1. Changed: errors handling and reporting
  2. Changed: Added ability to see screenshot of error state .Enter to Error Message field and click the button

Version 1.23- Critical update

  1. Fixed: unlock component message issue when you run Read Emails function - that problem was on some PCs
  2. Changed: MS should autopmatically clear cookies before each submit or register run. Should improve submit success rate
  3. Changed: Manual Captcha entering form behaviour it allows swithch between tabs now in automatic captcha solving mode
  4. Changed: Errors reporting

Version 1.22

  1. Added: Add manual links function to link manager
  2. Changed: Save link function for old articles
  3. Removed: Support of service as it works not as it expected. Please choose another captcha solving service
  4. Removed: Support of Internet Explorer 7 as it is unstable. Please update to Internet Explorer 8
  5. Added: Update status report shows what services was changed or added
  6. Changed: behaviour of manual captcha vindow it is more convinient now

Version 1.21

  1. Added: MS automatically check confirmation emails and extract passwords from that emails
  2. Added: MS automatically performs post activation action needed. Like clicks on confirmation links and finish registration to service performing actions needed.
  3. Changed: Link Manager added filters by service type and profile or submit item links
  4. Changed: Link Manager added multyselect of links by mouse
  5. Added: Random posts interlinking -you can use this link format in your blogs posts <a href="[randlink]">anchor text</a> and MS will replace it to one random link specified in Ramdom Links List
  6. Added: Random Links List screen on Utilities Tab. Moreover you can send links to Random Links List directly from Link Manager
  7. Added: Link Wheel creating oprions using this link format in your blogs posts <a href="[prevlink]">anchor text</a>
  8. Changed: Submittion process performance and acuracy for slow connection
  9. Changed: Magic Submitter Installer
  10. Added: 15 new blogs
  11. Added: automatic deleting of not working services

Version 1.20

  1. Please delete "C:\Program Files\Alexandr Krulik\Magic Submitter\" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Alexandr Krulik\Magic Submitter\" folder before you instyall new version
  2. Fixed :The issue in designer and custom code execution. It is obligatory update please update.

Version 1.19

  1. Fixed : Issue with adding profile and submit item

Version 1.18

  1. Added: Automatic register and submit process error reporting. It will help me to see with what services actually you have problems.

Version 1.17

  1. Change: Login and Site name in profile are spinnable now so you can set as many logins as you wish as spun text like {brucrqwzet|ryanqommmc|chrijjoomct|homqjh1ro|ianjdpkwoo}
  2. Change: Links in linkmanager are clickable
  3. Change: video submitting routines
  4. Change: using user defined commands (Run user defined command) for mail services type you can login to your mailbox.
  5. Added: empty meailbox function on utilities tab to delete all messages from your mailbox.
  6. Added : added new command to spin syntax - %%%

    For Example you have a Text like:

    This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2. This is sentence 3. This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5. This is sentence 6. This is sentence 7.
    and you spun it like this:

    This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2. {This is sentence 3.|%%%}This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5. {This is sentence 6.|%%%}This is sentence 7.

    %%% - tags will be replaced by Enter symbol
    This would produce variations like:

    This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2.
    This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5. This is sentence 6. This is sentence 7.


    This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2. This is sentence 3. This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5.
    This is sentence 7.


    This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2.
    This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5.
    This is sentence 7.

    and so on.

Version 1.16

  1. Added: Support of two alternative captcha solving services - and

Version 1.15

  1. Changed: Larger body field - removed limitation of 32000 symbols
  2. Fixed: Automatic captcha solving
  3. Changed: Addapted submition process for low connection and slow PCs

Version 1.14

  1. Changed: I have performed refactoring of the code related to submit process. the submition process should be much stable from now
  2. Added: Sites numbering
  3. Added: Sites multiselection by mouse. Selec t as many sites as you wish to check then click right mouse click and click choose selected services
  4. Changed: Sites import process
  5. Fixed: categories selection issue

Version 1.13

Don't like this number - skip

Version 1.12


Check your help page to see 1.12 update related videos.

  1. Added: Back/forward button on designer screen
  2. Added: Third type of commands - user defined beside register and submit commands
  3. Added: Platforms Support
  4. Added: Submit Item Preview button
  5. Added: Stop On Error checkbox on settings screen
  6. Addded: Service Copy with all commands function
  7. Fixed: a few internal issues
  8. Changed: quantity of fields in profile and submit item from 15 to 45
  9. Added: 150 Expression Engine Forums
  10. Added: 17 PR sites
  11. Added: 50 Wordpress based article directories
  12. Added: Wordpress accounts activation function on Utilities Tab - use it when you finished WP accounts registration and activation. It automatically extract passwords from WP confirmation emails
  13. Added: separate Login field on profile
  14. Added: Troubleshooting button to solve services registration problems
  15. To enable PR sites working please perform the following steps

Version 1.11

  1. Fixed: article directories creating issue

Version 1.10

  1. Changed: Installer - you don't need to uninstall previous version
  2. Added: Link Manager functionality on Utilities Page
  3. Added: Creating of new bookmark and rss submit item on link manager screen
  4. Added: Pinger functionality on Utilities Page
  5. All services updated to support link capturing
  6. Changed: submitting works much faster
  7. Fixed: Stop problem during submitting
  8. Fixed: buttons not jump on browser window

Version 1.9 - this version after installing will dowbnload install database update. Please be patient while database will be updating.

  1. Fixed: metafile not found issue
  2. Fixed: Australia adresses
  3. Added: AutoRetry option MS will auto retry 3 times if there error state then will move to next service. So now you can run it in autopilot mode
  4. Changed: services automatic logout if they are log in
  5. Added: delete and clear categories
  6. Changed: dramatically improved logic of links activation
  7. Added: support of low resolution screens with 600 pixel heigth - profile form and submit for is resizeble.

Version 1.8

  1. Fixed: can't close MS issue

Version 1.7

  1. Fiexd: error message during activating accounts if there are no messages in mailbox
  2. Added: Proxy support and proxy rotate support
  3. Added: You need to perform backup when new version of software is available and then you will see update page
  4. Changed: Adreess auto generating - it generates corerct state,zip,citty,address values for choosen country
  5. Added: warning that user must create profile before work with MS
  6. Note: Please go to Manage Profile Fields and ensure that in the colunm use list just Country and Phone Number Fields are checked rest of field should have no checkmark on that field

Version 1.6

  1. Changed: Export/Import service now it takes into consideration service type

  2. Changed: Export/Import now supports multi service export and import

  3. Changed: installation package, now support installs separately

  4. Fixed: Account creating and item submission improved

  5. Fixed: Captcha window was not visible on some PC configurations

  6. Changed: Captcha window appears on the left top corner

  7. Fixed: a few unhandled exceptions

Version 1.5

  1. Changed: Account creating and item submition improved
  2. Changed: backup restore process
  3. Changed: random login generator
  4. Changed: improved update speed
  5. Changed: improved password generator
  6. Changed: list of phone numbers
  7. Added: Update button, Delete database function,Clear Updates Function
  8. Fixed: a few unhandled errors
  9. Fixed: detection of mailware in library


Version 1.4

  1. Fixed: critical issue

Version 1.3

  1. Added: Backup/restore database options
  2. Added: Complete button to mark account creation on item submission as successful and move to next site
  3. Added: custom code command to solve complicated automations
  4. Added: Categories Management - you can manually set categories list
  5. Added: select/unselect option when you click first column(with checkboxes) header
  6. Added:Page load timeout settings to make it working on slow internet connections
  7. Change: Captcha window has focus now and can be closed by pressing Enter Key
  8. Change: performance improvements
  9. Change: support of categories added to most of video sites
  10. Fixed: Interface Issues
  11. Fixed: unhandled exception issue
  12. Fixed: halt after each site execution
  13. Fixed: registration and submitting issues for some sites

Version 1.2

  1. Added: Test Mailbox connection fuction
  2. Added: support of SSL and not SSL Mailboxes

Version 1.1

  1. Fixed: Captcha Form Resizing
  2. CHANGE: Successfully created accounts and submitted items are automaticly unchecked now
  3. CHANGE: Country List i lefts just a few most important countries
  4. ADDED: Read and confirm activation emals
  5. Fixed: Performance Issues