Prepare to Start Laughing at Your Competition...

Dear Friend,

By now, you've heard the buzz about article marketing, video submitting, social bookmarking, social networking, and blogging.

After all, Facebook alone has over 500 million members. Twitter is growing at over 1100% a year. YouTube has over 50% of all web traffic. Even "unknown" social networking sites has huge growth and millions of members, like many of these sites:

And this is only scratching the surface...

As thousands of Internet Marketers already know, backlinks from popular sites, videos, RSS Feeds and articles offer the surest route to high rankings in Google, tons of free traffic and lots of targeted customers.

And it’s a “dream strategy” for many other reasons, too.

bulletFree advertising
bulletViral marketing
bulletBoost your personal and business credibility
bulletMassive exposure to millions of potential visitors
bulletGet continuous traffic to your website for years
bulletReach the unreachables
bulletJoin the fastest growing sites on the web

So if you’ve learned to write articles, blog posts, make videos, (or you’re currently learning how), then congratulations.

You’re halfway there!

Writing effective articles and making viral videos is the first step. But you also need to know the “Traffic Side,” such as:

bulletHow to position your content in the market so you quickly stand out and get noticed.
bulletHow to find the right sites to post your content to and reach them in the right ways.
bulletHow to get your material on all the sites you want it on, without costly outsourcing.
bulletHow to keep up-to-date on the list of ever changing 'Hot" sites to post to.
bulletHow to manage and complete marketing campaigns like a pro so your promotions make buying your product or affiliate offering a 'no-brainer'.

That’s the second step.

And once you combine these two powerful steps (knowing how to produce great content AND how to get those awesome posts and videos on the right sites), then there’s not much that can stop you from becoming a HUGE success in your market.

But here's the problem: What sites do you focus on? Does your plan look like this?

Just signing up for all these sites could take a year.

So I have a very important question to ask you: Are You Ready for a …


With Magic Submitter, you can save hours of tedious drudgery posting articles to article directories, bookmarking them, uploading videos and updating RSS feeds.

"...Number 1 in Google!"

Alexsandr, I checked my ranks this morning as I do every morning and here is a page on one of my websites about a $200 product.

Just this morning hit number 1, if this carries on with the rest of the site then I might retire early!

Dave Carr Backlinks University



"We are now raPIDLY climbing to the top of our keywords everyday!"

Hello! I am the owner of Tao Wireless.

After months of trying to figure out the keyword game, Magic Sumbitter magically made it all clear to us.

We are now raPIDLY climbing to the top of our keywords everyday thanks to Magic Submitter! This is the only software we will use and promote!

Last week I recieved an email for the new SEnukeX. Didnt think twice about using it. Like they say, if its not broke why try to fix it. Here at Tao Wireless, we choose Magic Submitter above any program. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carron Henderson


Let's start with the hottest trend online right now...

Forrester Research expects the online video marketing market to explode to $7 Billion by 2012, with a 72% compound annual growth rate!

While the growth of viral video campaigns is expected to explode in the coming years — 83% of marketers believe the effectiveness of online video will increase in the next three years, according to Forrester.So get ready for a video 'Gold Rush'...

And we see it all over the place now.

With Magic Submitter, you can upload your videos quickly and easily to the top video websites.

First Step: Add item to submit

Second Step: Select Video Sites

Final Step: Sit back and relax... Let Magic Submitter do all the work!

"...Quick Set Up and Fast Submission Times!"

Hey Aleksandr,

As the founder of NicheBOT, I know how important Keywords are to getting ranked on terms that Buying Customers search on.

My biggest issue has been getting my targeted articles and videos published, having them found and then shared.

I used to spend hours submitting my videos to all the top video sites, then more hours bookmarking them.

No More!

Love the easy interface of Magic Submitter, and how quickly I can get everything set up and running.

I am especially pleased with the support you are offering with Magic Submitter and you commitment to maintaining and upgrading the software.


Jim Morris
Founder, NicheBOT

But that's not all Magic Submitter does...

If you want to attract more visitors and turn these visits into sales, then writing articles and submitting to article directors can help you achieve both goals at once.

All of the top article directories make Internet Marketing a little easier by offering website owners and bloggers all the free articles they can use. They can choose from articles in their niche or expand their sites with free articles about any subject imaginable. This benefits you by expanding your number of backlinks and putting your free articles on hundreds of other sites.

Magic Submitter makes it a breeze to publish your articles on over 35 high traffic Article Directories.

But it does even more than that!

As you may know, I also wrote Magic Article Rewriter, which quickly takes your article and makes hundreds of unique versions of it. Now you don't have to worry about duplicate content issues with Google and other search engines.

Every time you submit your Magic Article Rewriter created article, Magic Submitter turns it into a unique article for each directory it sends your article to.

"Now I don't need multiple tools!"

As the owner of,

I have seen and personally used most content distribution software programs. I have used EvoII, SENuke, Traffic Geyser, and Unique Article Wizard.

These are all great tools, but none of them stack up to Alex's new Magic Submitter. Magic Submitter can do just about everything these other tools can do - combined. That's awesome.

Now I don't need multiple tools!

Magic Submitter is very easy to use - I felt comfortable using it after one short video. It is more powerful and versatile than anything else on the market.

But what really sets Magic Submitter apart from the rest is your ability to add sites to the software, so you can automate your content distribution to any site on the web.

That is shockingly powerful. Talk about avoiding a Google footprint. You can literally blaze your own trail and automate content distribution to whatever sites you want!! If you are serious about earning an online income, and you don't have this software, you will soon be at a complete disadvantage.

Rob Davis

Blogging is still the single-most important thing you can do in Social Media and Web 2.0. I've been reflecting on this thought, and I believe it to be true.

Search Engines love Blogs. Having your content available and present when someone is doing a search with your keywords is critical, and will become even more important in the coming years as more and more of your customer's first interactions happen with the search box.

Magic Submitter helps you post to over 27 blogs and micro-blogs!

Today, nothing else is as important as premium backlinks from high authority sites with high traffic.

Social networks are the best example. These sites get millions of daily visitors, they have highest authority in search engines, and a single backlink from a social bookmarking site helps more than a 100 backlinks from other sites!

By bookmarking your sites, Google, Yahoo! and Bing all index your content in hours, sometimes within minutes.

The bookmarking sites themselves have hundreds of thousands of visitors, many of whom will be searching there for information on your Niche.

So every time you publish an article, make a blog post, upload a video, bookmark it. There are 26 sites listed now and we add more everyday. Plus, if you have your own favorite Bookmarking site, you can add it yourself!

Hit the 'Play' button, sit back and relax!

"I must thank you for your Magic Submitter software!"

I fractured my spine in an accident a few years ago and was placed on a Disability Pension, so I turned to the internet support my family.

Over the last 3 years I have become the number 1 online seller of tattoo sleeves world wide.

If you do a google or yahoo search for my targeting keywords you will find my websites on the first page.

My websites are very average as I built them myself and I am self taught, I was computer illiterate before the accident.

Even though I am number 1 on google and ebay, my sales have always been steady but not getting higher.

Thanks to your Magic Submitter software I am selling $1000 a month more then usual and my Alexa Ranking has dropped to 606,475

I even had a big sale last week to the costume department at Disney World in Florida, USA.

I do not think I would have got the Disney Sale if it was not for MS.

So thank you Alexandr, the extra sales are really helping my family.

Kind Regards,

Lucas Price

"Magic Submitter is our ‘one-stop shop’ for building massive links and promoting our business online!"

Over the years, we have tried literally hundreds of separate tools/programs to help our SEO efforts…..

Magic Submitter is the easiest and most powerful solution BY FAR that we have ever seen. The variety of services it submits to, plus the ability to create custom submissions yourself is invaluable.

Magic Submitter is the one tool that is an absolute must for anyone trying to promote anything online.

Add the fantastic service and support that Alexander Krulik and his team offer, and you have the best of all worlds.

Jimmy Fuentes


And it gets even better when you can answer this burning question...

Let me tell you.

It is one feature that most marketers totally ignore. And as a result, miss out on thousands of visitors and hot, juicy backlinks. But we added it into Magic Submitter and pretty much automated it for you.

Marketers can use RSS Feeds in many ways. Some take RSS Feeds and use them to create content for their sites and Blogs. Others use them to stay up to date. In short, RSS Feeds remove the need to go and visit a site to see if there are any updates.

Your video site (like YouTube), Twitter, your blog and podcast, and even your article directory all create RSS feeds. These feeds can be submitted to RSS servers.

And here is the most important part...

This creates a ton of backlinks from 'recognized, authority' sites in Google's eyes, as well as a stampede of traffic from the people who visit these RSS directories looking for information about your Niche.

It is so easy to do in Magic Submitter...

Imagine a mass of links pointing to your Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter page, Videos from well-known (to Google) authority sites.

Here comes the 'But'...

Is filling out all the Captchas. That can take forever. But not with Magic Submitter!

We use a secret (some would say "Magic") formula to save you from the tedious job of constantly filling out these forms.

You do understand that with Magic Submitter, you could be creating hundreds of Profiles and posting your content under all of them on an on-going basis...

Forget about out-sourcing this to the Philippines, Eastern Europe or India. you can be doing it yourself in seconds a day!

Or what if you find a great site that you want to add to the submission list?

No problem!

While we are constantly looking for new sites for you to submit to, you can also add sites you want to submit to quickly and easily.

Watch this video...

Pretty amazing!

To add your site all you have to do is go into "Designer Mode". Then select the Service Type.

Type in the web address of your video site, blog, RSS or article directory.

Input the steps for Magic Submitter to sign in and submit for you.

And next time you want to submit to that site, Magic Submitter will do it for you automatically! It's Magic! Now let's recap...

Magic Submitter has hundreds of powerful functions, but let me highlight just six of them for you:

1) Autopilots the account sign up process

2) Instantly spins your content, titles, and articles, creating unique content for your blogs, articles and bookmarks

3) Automatically submits to Video Sites, Photo Sites, Blogs, Micro Blogs, Bookmarking Sites, RSS Feeds, Press Release Sites, and dozens more

4) Naturally gives you quality back links

5) Intuitively lets you add 100’s of additional sites that you want syndicate content to with it’s “Design” features.

Now if that’s not enough… here’s another big one:

6) Gives you coaching on topics like, “How to SEO optimize your Videos” “How To Write An Article Like An Expert” and dozens of other important topics.

This training will give you the education you need to successfully get found by your market: with monthly coaching calls that teach you step-by-step what to do and how to do it. You’ll have access to all these resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Purchase Magic Submitter Now For Only
for 30 day trial
then monthly subscription for only $67. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized
retailer for goods and services provided by Alexandr Krulik.

{Video explaining the new features here]

As you can see, I have been working hard to add more great time-saving, profit-pulling features into Magic Submitter...

As an Elite member, you will have access to all of them!

My most popular request has always been to submit to online Press Release sites. Press Releases are one of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to get your information out there. Often media requests from your press releases arrive within hours of submissions as newspapers, radios and TV stations are starving for topical, interesting guests for their shows and articles.

Well, you asked for it and you got it!

Now you can send your Press Release to 18 top PR sites for free! And if you have Magic Article Rewriter, Magic Submitter will rewrite your release so each site gets a unique version.

It doesn't get any easier than this...

Then you select the PR sites you want to submit to and let Magic Submitter do the rest!

And that's just the start...

"...First Page of Yahoo!"

Hey Aleksandr,

I can't wait to share this with you. With the help of MS, I got a good keyword into the first page of Just checked it now and rush down here to share the news that MS works.

I used the keyword in the resource box when submitting articles, bookmarked the website (just the index page), submitted article to blogs, and also did the pinging/rss stuff (even though i am yet to fully know how it works, can't wait for your upcoming training webinar on it).

I am indeed very happy and this has given a boost to go more after other keywords on my website.

Lest I forget, I am in the number 9 spot out of over 1 million. I will keep closed lips on this tough keyword.

Thanks Alex for a good work. Please keep it up. By the way, I noticed that you are way ahead of us in terms of adding features as pointed out by you in the last webinar.

Looking forward to all these updates.

Thanks once again.

Name Withheld by Request

Now take advantage of the...

Imagine submitting articles to directories where you can easily include images, multiple keyword-rich links in the article and - Yes! - even video!

Welcome to the World of Wordpress directories.

It a breeze with the latest version of Magic Submitter!

Are you ready for 152 backlinks from popular forum sites whenever you want them?

Forums attract tons of traffic. Many have tens of thousands of members, who all want to know more about you. And what's even better, Google spiders them constantly. In most cases, if the forum has been around for a few years and has thousands of members, Google considers it an "Authority" site.

An "Authority" site gets special attention. Links from it are very valuable when it comes to ranking sites.

How would you like to have 100's of backlinks from "Authority" forum sites to your web pages?

Thought you might...

Forum profile pages are public and quickly picked up by Google. Furthermore the links are usually keyword rich and 'Do-Follow", which means Google adds rank power to the pages your forum profile links to.

However there is a 'Trick' to doing it effectively, which we reveal in your exclusive Magic Submitter training videos. Magic Submitter does it automatically for you and it increases your chances of a successful backlink strategy exponentially.

Magic Submitter has over 150 forums listed with many more to be added. Each one of these forums can have links to your pages in a very short period of time.

And there's more...

If you have forums you want listed you can easily add them to the list or make a new list of Niche forums to create profiles on.

Hint: What if you made multiple profiles on these 150 forums?

And when is a Backlink better than a Backlink?

Every time you bookmark a site, make a blog post, submit an article to a Wordpress article directory or a regular article directory, you create a new url, which - let's face it - Google may or may NOT find. After all there are BILLIONS of web pages out there...

And if you are posting articles, writing in your blogs regularly and bookmarking them, then you are making hundreds of new urls each week.

That's why I added Link Manager to Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter keeps track of all your new urls. It checks the article directories and if one hasn't approved your article yet (sometimes it can take a few days or even a week), Link Manager won't add it to the list. But all working urls are added automatically to a list.

That list is then bookmarked and pinged to the RSS directories. This dramatically increased the likelihood that Google, Yahoo and other search engines will index your new urls and follow the links in them to your 'money' pages.

Link Manager may also pull the titles from the urls and use them as anchor text.

As you can imagine keeping track of all these urls, which increase exponentially each week would normally be a full-time job, but with Link Manager it is a snap!

And it gets better...

Link Manager randomly bookmarks and pings your urls. So, for example, if you had 10 urls, Link Manager would bookmark one url at, Furl and Reddit, and the next at Digg, Stumbleupon, and Mixx. And so on until all the urls were bookmarked.

Then Link Manager switches them around the next day...

This creates a fairly 'normal' footprint for the search engines and no red flags are raised.

Now if after all these new additions, you're still not sure if Magic Submitter is right for you, here's what I suggest: test-drive Magic Submitter with my…

When you Magic Submitter, you will have a full 60 days to review your membership and ensure your satisfaction.

I am 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with everything you are about to discover...

But you are fully covered by my iron clad, no quibbles satisfaction policy, which means if you are not totally delighted with Magic Submitter, you will get a prompt and courteous refund.

Information marketing is a multi-billion dollar market, which is expanding every year, and submitting your posts, articles and videos to as many places as possible is your ticket to dominating your market today.

Anyone with this system -- regardless of experience or previous success -- can now build a highly successful online business, beginning today!

The strategies you'll discover in Magic Submitter alone have been used to build multi-million dollar businesses on the Internet. But you'll also receive these Super Bonuses...

Magic Bonus #1:

A Four Week VIP Training Exclusively With Me
(Value: $500)

I’ll be personally answering your questions on a live training each week to make sure that you become one the top marketers with Magic Submitter.



Magic Bonus #2:
Content Marketing Genius Course
(Value $697)

This is over 8 hours intensive course that will turn you into a video and content marketing genius.

It  will show you step by step on how to create videos, optimize videos, develop squeeze pages, write content and so much more.  It’s a very expensive course.

Magic Bonus #3:
5 Professionally designed landing pages
(Value $477)

It costs hundreds of dollars to create these pages,

and I’m giving them away to you for being one of my first customers with Magic Submitter.

There's a famous saying that goes like this... "Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss."

In short,  if you don't take action on this very real opportunity to better your life today -- someone else will.

And that someone could be making a LOT of money from the comfort of their home very soon. Do you want to let someone else take that opportunity from you?

You don't have to -- now you have the chance to finally build that income of your dreams, from the comfort of your own home.

True financial freedom is a very real possibility once you understand how to dominate your Niche Market.

And everything you need to know to get started is right here, step by step, with video tutorials showing you EXACTLY what you need to know.

It's like you're looking over my shoulder as I point you directly to success!

" publishing all
within minutes!"

I have been on the internet and creating websites for a long time now and there is one thing that gives any keen webmaster the impulse and motivation to create and design quality websites that in turn convert into real cash is true exposure on the world wide web.

With Magic Submitter you can forget about buying any other software.

This is your one stop program that will get you true results and true exposure for your website or online business.

I have many tools that say they do the job and are the only tool you need but in truth they are not.

They quickly get out dated as many of the sites that they deal with are updated which means that the software is useless and the hard earned money you spent on that software is wasted and you have to rely on the software creators to update there software so it will once again function correctly but for how long???

With Magic Submitter this is a thing of the past as you the internet marketer are in control of everything. This will never fail, if a site changes there submission then you change the software so it submits.

This is your one stop solution to all your internet marketing tasks. If you are a true Internet Marketer then you should not be without this software. Highly Recommended!

Peter Carothers Hawkinsville,
Georgia USA

Purchase Magic Submitter Now For Only
for 30 day trial
then monthly subscription for only $67. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized
retailer for goods and services provided by Alexandr Krulik.

No doubt, spreading your message far and wide is an excellent strategy for any marketer (up-and-coming or experienced) looking for an advantage over your competitors in any Niche. It’s also one of the surest paths to a successful site without having to sacrifice the quality of your life.

But to be successful, you must learn and apply the traffic building principles developed in Magic Submitter.

Don't wait. Take action today!

Warm regards,

Alexandr Krulik

P.S. Sign up for The “Magic Submitter” today, and you’ll get a $330 “Early-Bird” discount on your annual membership. It’s a small investment that could pay for itself many times over (remember, you could have thousands of articles, blog posts, bookmarks and videos dominating your Niche on the Internet your first year as a Niche Marketer… or more if you’re willing to put in a little more effort).




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